Central America is the ventral geographic region of the Americas and the southernmost point of the North American continent. As part of the unified continental model, it includes the Caribbean Islands as well as seven countries namely Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Where MBBS admission in America is concerned, Belize is the most sought after destination to study MBBS abroad. The region is student friendly and English is widely spoken making the country hospitable for both tourists and students.

Climate and environment

The region has a humid and tropical climate making it very similar to India. It features dry rainy seasons where some areas can have multiple types of climactic zones depending on the topography. In the plains, the temperatures can be hit and humid while in the mountainous regions, it can be cold.

The environment is fairly safe and secures making countries like Belize favorable for student life. The cost of living isn’t very high and Indian food is available in several locations. With so many students from India enrolling for MBBS, there are plenty of Indian restaurants offering both veg and non veg food. One of the biggest advantages of studying MBBS in Central America is the variety of cultural experiences that you get to learn. Indian students have taken to Central America as a favorable destination and an effective pathway to pursue the MBBS course en route to becoming a doctor or even pursuing PG studies in countries like USA. The cost of living in Central American countries like Belize is very affordable and almost 70% less than USA.

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