Armenia is a safe and hospitable country lying in the vicinity of the Caucasus Mountains. It has the historic distinction of becoming the first Christian country in the world that truly reflects the peaceful and composed nature of the religion as compared to other countries. It is considered a non crowded country and is progressing by way of its infrastructure that supports tourism, business and education. While the weather is pleasant, Indian students will do well to be informed that it can also get very cold in Armenia in winter and thus adequate warm clothing is advised.


Armenia is usually known as a sunny country with a temperate climate that is usually dry the year round with temperatures of 25 to 40 degrees centigrade. For Indian students, the weather will definitely appear pleasant. Winters of course, are cold with Yerevan featuring a winter temperature of minus 5 C


As Armenia is part of both Asia and Europe, it has absorbed both cultural influences. Armenia has a small homogenous population with 99% Armenian. The country is very hospitable and shares a very good rapport with India mainly because there are various Indian cities that host exclusive Armenian communities and schools solely for protecting the interests and growth of the community.

Life in Armenia

On the home front, there are ample accommodation facilities available both in the hostels of the Universities or their vicinity. The cost of living is reasonable and Armenia is considered a low cost country in the world. Students will not be burdened financially living in Armenia.

Public transport is fairly cheap and very convenient with several options and modes of transport. Students can also use bicycles to commute nearby distances or from accommodation to the university. University campuses are equipped with all modern amenities and there are dormitories for girls at moderate charges. Girl’s dormitories are always separate and fitted with study desks, laundry facilities, linen, and even separate kitchens for students who wish to cook. Students can also rent flats and share rooms if they so wish. You will be surprised to know that there are also a number of Indian restaurants in Armenia so food is never a problem.

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