Bangladesh shares its borders with West Bengal, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Assam. As a country with similar topography to these border states, Bangladesh is also home to the three largest Asian rivers namely the Ganges that is known in the country as the Padma, The Brahmaputra (Jamuna) and the Meghna, all of which flow into the Bay of Bengal via the Sundarbans.

What makes Bangladesh a favorable country to pursue medical education is its similar topography, climate and social-cultural atmosphere that is as similar as India. Bangladesh is also dominated by vast plains and hill tracts much like West Bengal and features a warm humid climate with a monsoon season that brings rainfall between June to October.

Life in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is very safe and secure to study MBBS for Indian students. The weather and culture are similar and so are the food habits. Indian food is also easily available for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. There are several Asian and Indian languages spoken in Bangladesh where English is also widely accepted and spoken. The medium of instruction in colleges is also English.  Languages spoken in Bangladesh are English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic. However, on a medical campus, there will be no language barrier because there are hundreds of students from India, from almost every state.  This makes orientation and acclimatization very easy for Indian students who will feel at home.

High degree of safety and security for female students

Bangladesh is also secure and safe when it comes to women. One big advantage for many is that Bangladesh is a dry nation which means no alcohol is sold anywhere as alcohol and drugs are illegal. All parents will be very relieved on this factor alone that will give them peace of mind. Boys and girls have separate hostel facilities in Bangladesh as such matters are strictly followed. 

Affordable cost of living and fees

The value of the Bangladesh Taka is 1.63 to the Indian rupee which makes it a cost effective country to study MBBS. Transport, food, accommodation and personal expenses will be pretty much the same as India and these students won’t feel a pocket pinch. The fee structure is also very affordable with fee structures in top universities ranging between 24 lakh INR to 30 lakh INR.

MBBS in Bangladesh is in high demand, book your seat now Because  of the several factors that make Bangladesh a favorable nation to study MBBS abroad, thus admission  is getting difficult unless you chose an excellent educational consultant like MBBSsolution who can help you navigate each and every step easily and make the journey of studying MBBS in Bangladesh a smooth and easy one.

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