As part of East Asia, China is the world’s second largest country in the world and the world’s most populous one.  It consists of a huge landscape that includes a varied topography of mountains ranges, plains, rivers, and 14,500 km of coastline. China is bordered by Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Burma. The capital of China is Beijing and Shanghai is its largest city and a global industrial hub of the country.

China today is a globally thriving economy that is growing at a rapid pace in terms of GDP. It is also the largest importer and exporter of goods in the world. It is a recognized nuclear power and has the largest standing army in the world.  


China is home to a diverse culture but the general population is a disciplined one and life runs like clockwork. Security is high in the country and not taken lightly which makes it a safe haven for students studying medicine in China. China has a rich history dating as far back to 1200 BC. It is home to a diverse cultural population with several languages and dialects while the main state language spoken in Mainland China is known as Mandarin. When studying MBBS in China, you can visit several famous places among which the most popular is the Great Wall of China.

Climate in China

The climate in China varies from region to region.  The country usually has a dry climate and even a wet monsoon. Winters can be very cold and summers dry, hot and moist.

Cost of living

China has been investing heavily in education and in order to make the country attractive to students, living costs are significantly lower compared to countries around the world. Tuition fees in Medical universities in China are very affordable. It would cost a student an average of 4000 USD for accommodation and 2000 USD for food, transport and lifestyle per year.  On a monthly average that only amounts to 500 USD which is extremely reasonable. While Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are abit expensive, there are other Chinese cities that one can live on 600-1000 USD a month excluding private accommodation. Student residence halls are the most favored and popular means of accommodations among students that cost just 150-400 USD a month. China has an excellent transport system and public transport is fairly cheap.

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