Georgia is located in the Eurasian Caucasus region and is bordered by the Black Sea, Russia, Turkey and Armenia. Its capital Tbilisi is a popular tourist and educational destination well known for its natural beauty, rich diverse culture, architecture and quaint historic cobblestone streets that take you back for a walk in time.

Climate in Georgia

The climate in Georgia ranges from hot summers and cold winters where some parts of the country are elevated. Georgia is fast growing to be a hotbed of development because of its recognition by the World Bank as the number of economic reformer in recent years.  On the economic front, Georgia is a favored destination for education because it is ranked among one of the most affordable countries to live in for students. All of these factors combine to influence a preferred atmosphere for studying medicine in Georgia.

Life in Georgia

Georgia is an excellent choice among students and is a safe haven for females where there are relatively low incidents of crime in the country making it safe and secure for students. The warm hospitality of the Georgian People make it easier for students to travel everywhere in public transport. The cost of living is more than 59% less than the United States which makes Georgia an affordable destination to study MBBS abroad.

Student life

Life on campus is very pleasant due to the multicultural diversity that one experiences when studying MBBS in Georgia. Moreover, hostels and campus is packed with all amenities and Indian students will be pleased to know that Indian food is also served on campus. Almost 500 Indian students are currently studying MBBS in Georgia. In a nutshell, Georgia is one of the best destinations in Europe to study medicine abroad.

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