The Republic of Philippines located in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean is a popular destination for its islands, beaches and waterfront.  Serving as one of the colonies for the USA for 50 years, Philippines is one of the perfect destinations for international high quality education. The best thing about the Philippines where Indian students are concerned is the compatible weather and climate. The country features a tropical climate that is hot and humid much like many parts of India. January is cool while the warmest month is May.

The country has a high literacy rate

The Philippines has the highest literacy rate in all of Asia, 94%. It is host to a huge student fraternity and boasts about a multicultural diversity in a society that is constantly exposed to international and western influences.  The infrastructure of Philippines for business, education and tourism is commendable making it a career prospect for practising medicine and using it as a stepping stone to broader horizons in even more lucrative countries.

People and culture

The Philippine people are predominantly Christian and are friendly and hospitable. With a diversity of both society and food, a student will never lack anything in Philippines that makes life there extremely interesting. Moreover, MBBS in Philippines prepares a student by way of education and culture to meet the requirements of the west.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Philippines is relatively low and economical that makes it easy on students living on campus.  Aside from low tuition fees, the other expenses such as food, transport and accommodation is reasonable. In the hostel of the Perpetual Medical University campus, Indians also have access to Indian, South-Indian, Chinese, Jain and Rajasthan, veg and non-veg food.

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