Russia is a relatively safe country and the largest in the world also known as the Russian Federation. Moscow is also the largest city in the world. While every city in Russia is a tourist’s delight that will have you transfixed at its cultural and historical heritage, what will most concern a student is the cost of living in Russia. While cities like Moscow and St Petersburg are fairly inexpensive, the cost of accommodation and living in other cities are lower and affordable.

People, religion and climate

The population of Russia is around 14.6 million approximately and the country runs on a democratic form of government. Known also as the Russian Federation, it shares its border with Finland, Lithuania and Poland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Norway Estonia, Mongolia, and North Korea. Russia features a dominant moist mainland atmosphere that pervades the entire country except in the Tundra regions.  Typical climate is warm summers and snowy severely cold winters.

Russia features a multicultural and multi religious society that has its chief religions as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. Christianity is of course, the dominant religion and a standard legacy of Russia dominated by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Life in Russia

Russia is affordable for MBBS students where private accommodation in and around Universities can be secured for up to 100-300 USD depending on lifestyle. A metro smartcard in Russia is around 65 USD. Food can cost upto 10 USD a day which is not very much.

Safety and security

Russia is very safe for students. The county is warm and hospitable and urban Russian communities are very safe havens to live in. It is advisable never to look gullible, vague and subtle when moving around in Russia. Avoid unknown neighborhoods and stick to the vicinity of a campus which will undoubtedly feature a multicultural atmosphere. Always carry proof of identity and you will be fine.

Accommodation during MBBS Studies in Russia

College hostel facilities are very good in Russia. Those who don’t get a chance at a hostel can choose home stays, lodges and inns where costs range from 30USD to 100 USD a month.

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