Ukraine is the second greatest country in Europe and considered a safe country to live in. Its favorite city Lviv hosts a number of affordable medical universities and is an attractive and cozy place to live in. It is close to the Carpathian Mountains where you will be blessed with panoramic views of ethereal nature. This makes the atmosphere a very healthy one including the multicultural aspect that is a mix of different influences which makes you feel comfortable right from the moment you set foot in it.

As one of the countries in Eastern Europe, it is aligned with the Black Sea and bordered by Belarus in the North, Poland on the Northwest, Slovakia and Hungary in the west and Romania towards the southwest. Ukraine is one of the best countries to live in that is never prejudiced towards other cultures and foreigners. Local people are used to the student community and cater to them by way of accommodation and food. There are scores of students studying MBBS in Kyiv who will vouch for safety in Ukraine.


Ukraine is relatively dry and features warm dry arid summers and cold winters much like the rest of Europe. Winter temperatures go down to 0 degrees C and can plummet to -20C in some parts of the country. In general, Ukraine has nice pleasant weather 290 days in the year. Students are advised to carry light summer clothing for summer although the temperature in July is just 24 degrees C and heavy woollens for winter.

Lifestyle and cost of living

Ukraine has an excellent and affordable transport system with various colleges offering pickup services for students. The cost of living is affordable and is cheaper than in other countries of Europe. Foreign students get designated rooms on campus hostels with all amenities like beds, furniture, sheets, upholstery at no cost. Moreover, some colleges will offer free laundry once a week. All rooms come with attached bathrooms and have central heating for winters.

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