Uzhhorod National University

Uzhhorod National University is one of the classic and major universities in Ukraine with a level 4 accreditation which is a high rank.  It is among the best universities to study MBBS in Ukraine and falls under the MCI listed universities in Ukraine. As one of the largest in the Carpathian region, it is located in Uzhhorod that is considered a student city in Ukraine. The University was founded in 1945 and has become a landmark for students to study MBS abroad because of its collaboration with several international universities.

On October 18th 1945, a decree was passed by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine alongwith the Council of the People’s Commissars of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic that said “Taking into consideration the exceptional (exclusive) necessity to raise (raise) culture in Transcarpathian Ukraine and the petition (intercession) of the People’s Council of Transcarpathian Ukraine, the Council of the People’s Commission of the USSR and the Central Committee of the Ukrainian CP resolve:”to found the state university in Uzhhorod in 1945 with the following faculties: of history, philological, biological and medical ones”.

As one of the best medical universities in Ukraine, here are the courses offered

  • MBBS
  • General medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Post graduate courses in 30 specializations

Fee details:


1st Yr (includes: Admission, Medical Insurance, VISA Extension)2nd Yr – 6th Yr Fees per year. Food & Accomodation $150-200/monthTotal Package(USD)Total Package(INR)
$7000 $4100 $27500 18.70L
Note: $1 = RS 68 has been used for calculation of fees above. Please use the existing exchange rate to calculate fees in INR Other Expenses: Application Charge + Admission Letter + Visa Processing + Airport see-off at New Delhi and Pickup at Ukraine airport + Admission Formality Completion + 6 years assistance in Ukraine + Local Logistic Support= 1,50,000

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