If you are a student from India and looking to secure MBBS admission abroad, then the best choice would be Kazakhstan. This is one of the most preferred countries to study MBBS abroad because of its affordability in comparison with other countries. There are many who may feel that Kazakhstani is still an emerging player in the field of medical education but it is a hot destination for international medical study and its Universities are fast becoming recognized on the global map of MBBS studies abroad.

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan  is a big advantage for MBBS students not just because of the affordability but because medical universities in Kazakhstan provide good clinical exposure to students and are supported by excellent medical infrastructure to impart quality education for a better grounding and development leading to a student becoming a world standard doctor. Faculties in MBBS universities in Kazakhstan are varied and very experienced. Hospitals too are also large and offer ample opportunities for clinical and practical experience.

Why study in Kazakhstan

Perhaps the top 5 reasons for Indian students studying MBBS in Kazakhstan are given below

  1. Medium of instruction is English
  2. No entrance exam required. NEET is sufficient
  3. WHO and MCI approved Universities
  4. 100 % visa guarantee
  5. Low cost of living

What makes Kazakhstan an attractive destination to study MBBS abroad is its easy admission process. There are minimum hassles of formalities and the method of visa application and admission application to medical universities in Kazakhstan is easy provide you utilize the assistance of a good liaison consultancy like MBBSsolution.

There are several Indian Students who are looking to Kazakhstan for gaining MBBs admission abroad.   One of the reasons is the compatibility and familiarity of Indians on campus that makes the Indian population of students more secure and at ease. Besides this, there are several other advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  • Medical Universities in Kazakhstan are very responsive for admission that is a transparent process
  • Excellent facilities offered by universities supported by modernized medical infrastructure
  • All universities are recognized by WHO, MCI, IMED, PLAB, USMLE and GMC
  • Large number of specialized medical personnel, proficient and experienced in national health management
  • Universities offer good facilities with canteen providing Indian food
  • The costs of living in Kazakhstan is very low as compared to other countries
  • Affiliated internships with leading medical institutes and hospitals.
  • 10+ large and modern affiliated hospitals, excellent for practical study and internship.
  • High education standards where universities maintain quality of teaching
  • Universities provide teaching with world class methods and ideologies.
  • Students are given training and opportunity to work in the clinics run by the universities.
  • Safety and security is assured in the country
  • Easy VISA process with 100% guarantee.

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Medical universities in Kazakhstan offer a number of medical courses under Bachelor, master and doctorate degrees. Most universities will be equipped with modern medical technology and all teaching aids to complete the excellence of medical study in the country. A typical MBBS course in Kazakhstan will consist of a 5 year degree course that consists of 4 years of clinical study and 1 year of compulsory internship. Once the internship is completed the student is awarded the MBBS or Doctors degree that is globally recognized in all countries. There are no entrance examinations and admission is offered on eligibility and first come first served basis.

How to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Due to the preference of Kazakhstan as a favorable medical destination to study MBBS abroad, there is always a rush of students wanting MBBS admission in Kazakhstan. To stay ahead of the race, one should always get in touch with a good liaison consultancy and initiate the admission process as early a possible.MBBSsolution.com is one of the fastest growing education consultancies who have assisted several hundred students in securing MBBS admission abroad. Being associated with the top medical universities abroad, we can help you through our career guidance services to choose a good college in Kazakhstan. You need not worry how to get there because we do all the ground work for you so that you can enter your new medical college in Kazakhstan with ease.

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