When there are a variety of universities available in other parts of Russia, why then would anyone want to study in Georgia? Well, in case you haven’t heard, first of all it takes just 9 hours to fly to Georgia. The country is also one of the most hospitable destinations for tourists and students alike. With its low cost of living, cold climate, natural beauty and high quality of education, Georgia then becomes one of the most favored destinations to study MBBS abroad.

Top 6 reasons to study medicine in Georgia

  1. Tuition fees in Georgia range from 2.5-3.5 lakh per year which is exceptionally low
  2. Teacher to student ratio is 1:20
  3. Very safe for foreign students especially women. Majority of medical students are women
  4. Almost 5000 students study in Georgia, 1500 alone at the Georgia State University
  5. Medical graduates from Georgia eligible for PLAB (UK), MCI (INDIA) USMLE (USA), AMC (AUSTRALIA) and to pursue PG in GERMANY.
  6. A student can be expected to spend just about up to 300 USD average a month for all expenses excluding fees.

 Why study MBBS in Georgia

As part of the Eurasia region, Georgia is looked upon favorably by Indian students wanting to study MBBS Abroad.  Georgia boasts of an advanced and developed infrastructure in comparison to Russia and Ukraine where the country is considered very safe for students especially women. A sizeable population of students in Georgia are women. Georgian universities mentioned here are all recognized globally by the MCI, UNESCO, and WHO which also means students are armed with an international degree that grooms them to explore opportunities in western countries.

To study your MBBS in Georgia for the 2019-2020 sessions is an opportunity not to be missed for any Indian medical aspirant. Georgia universities follow the 5+1 method of medical education where 5 years of theory will prepare a student extensively and rigorously in all spheres of the chosen field. 1 year is devoted to hands-on practical training and internships in the leading government hospitals of the country. The destination of choice in Georgia is its capital Tbilisi where 15 of the major universities are located. The atmosphere is cordial and it features an international visiting faculty who are cooperative, good-natured, and willing to help students in any hour of need.

MBBS in Georgia at a glance

Advantages of studying in Georgia

  • One of the most trending destinations for MBBS study in a foreign country
  • Medical Universities recognized by WHO, UNESCO and MCI, FAIMER, WFME.
  • Global acceptance of medical degree
  • Students are encouraged to participate in International seminars
  • Student discounts for travelling within the country
  • Much lower cost of education in comparison to other countries.
  • Medium of instruction is English however students can opt to learn the local language too
  • Georgian Universities feature among the top ranked in the world
  • Easy admission process and 100% Visa Approval
  • Good teacher to student ratio 1:20 ensures personalized attention
  • No Donations
  • Advanced infrastructure, medical technology and facilities
  • One year of extensive practical training and internship
  • Availability of Indian foods prepared by Indian chefs
  • Low cost of living and transportation
  • Majority of Indian students choose Georgia to study MBBS abroad
  • With population of 3.7 million, there is a low patient flow in hospitals
  • After clearing MBBS in Georgia, you can directly do PG in USA without clearing MCI screening test

Tbilisi State Medical University

Quite a number of Georgian Universities are top ranked in the world such as the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University that is one of the oldest in the Caucasus region. The Tbilisi State Medical Institute that was once part of the university is now an autonomous body and the flagship of medical education in the country. It is ranked in the top 1000 universities in the world. Over 1300 students studying at the university are from India.

MBBS in Georgia: Course Pattern

A typical MBBs course in Georgia follows the 5+1 pattern common to Eastern Europe. This means that the 5 year MBBS study pattern does not apply to Georgia. Students who have scored 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with English in the 10+2 pattern can apply to study MBBS in Georgia. Students studying medicine in Georgia graduate with an MD degree i.e. Doctor of Medicine.

MBBS in Georgia: Duration

Classes for the MBBS course in Georgia start in the last week of September. This means the admission process begins much before that. One needs to realize that there are thousands of foreign students across the world applying to Georgian universities which make seats limited. Applications should be made in early July for easy process of admission. 

How MBBSsolution can help you study MBBS in Georgia

Since MBBS (MD) courses in Georgia are in big demand due to the excellent and conducive educational environment provided by Georgia State, you cannot afford to make mistakes in the application process and risk Visa rejection or rejection of your application. This is where MBBSsolution steps in as your career guide towards assisting you for an easy transition to becoming a student in a favored Georgian University.

We take care of all necessary steps required for applying to universities in Georgia such as application, documentation, visa application, passport assistance, and logistics assistance to help you travel smoothly to Georgia. With a high success rate of helping students study MBBS abroad, we can assure you of a successful VISA and application process.

Financial assistance for MBBS in Georgia

Medical Universities in Georgia provide scholarships for students aspiring to study MBBS in Georgia. Moreover, there are both banks and private financial institutions that provide student loans for studying MBBS abroad. Once you avail of financial assistance from MBBSsolution, we will help you obtain student loans at affordable interest rates. We will liaison between you and financial bodies to make the entire process hassle-free for you.

PG Options after MBBS in Georgia

After studying MBBS (MD) in Georgia, you get a choice of golden opportunities to pursue a career in USA or Europe as a doctor once you are armed with a globally recognized degree. There are many who may choose to return to India and face several other examinations like the MCI screening test, FMGE or EXIT. But besides this, once you earn your degree from Georgia, you become eligible to sit for the entrance exams in foreign countries like the USMLE in USA which is the career of choice as it will open up your pathway to a fantastic and lucrative career as a doctor in USA.

 With MBBS solutions, you gain the advantage of valuable career guidance services that will provide you with insight into all options of studying MBBS in Georgia. We will provide you with counselling sessions that will give you information to focus on fixed goals after your degree is over. Get in touch with us today.


Georgia is one of the safest places on earth to study medicine abroad. Keeping in mind the excellent educational infrastructure, quality of education combined with a warm hospitality towards other cultures and easy accommodation facilities for students, it would be a wise decision to study MBBS in Georgia without hesitation. Contact MBBSsolution to book your seat in one of the renowned Universities in Georgia without delay.

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