Moldova is fast becoming one of the most sought after destinations to study MBBS abroad. It is an Eastern Europe country and part of the former Soviet Republic. Currently almost 350 students study in one of its premier institutions being the Nicolae Testemitanu Medical University in Moldova. One of the biggest advantages of Indian Students studying medicine in Moldova is the initiatives adopted by its universities to include more Indian students in its programs.  Already NTMU is planning a strategic medical partnership initiative with India where the rector himself visited Kerala home to most of Nicolae Testemitanu’s 350 Indian students.

The MBBS courses in medical universities in Moldova are modeled after the American system of medical education. Several partnerships and associations between American universities and MBBS universities in Moldova have led to improved infrastructure, research facilities and education materials being made available to the students studying MBBS in Moldova. As in the words of the rector of NTMU “Now it’s time to benefit from the expertise of India’s world-renowned doctors — and the opening of our embassy in New Delhi will be a big help in facilitating this.”

Moldova has also received a big boost to its medical educational infrastructure with the European Union (EU) giving the NTMU University $5.1 million to build a state-of-the-art medical simulation centre, where students practice their treatment skills on specially built mannequins. That is one huge advantage for students wanting to pursue medical studies there.

Why MBBS in Moldova?

The MBBS programme in Moldova focuses totally on practical education. Faculties in Moldova medical universities have perfected the art of preparing the students for passing the national licensing examinations and integrating them into the hospital system. Moldova has an excellent infrastructure that supports the highest quality of healthcare in the country where there are 246 physicians for every 1, 00, 000 public. There are more than 500 healthcare centers available in Moldova

The advantages of studying MBBS in Moldova

  • Medical programs in medical universities in Moldova are recognized by all European countries, the MCI and medical boards of the USA.
  • Students graduating in MBBS from Moldova are eligible for USMLE to study or practice in USA
  • All medical universities in Moldova are supported by excellent medical infrastructure with state-of-the-art medical technology
  • The syllabus of the degree is on the level of the syllabus used in the US universities.
  • A number of students from USA flock to Moldova to study dentistry
  • Graduates are well trained that most can pass the difficult doctor licensing examinations in the US, Britain, Israel and other developed countries.
  • Large number of students from India study in Moldova
  • Moldova has become one of the UK’s top destinations to study.
  • The cost of living in Moldova is high, but affordable, according to calculations. For example, electronics are high in Moldova, but utilities are low.
  • Language of instruction is English
  • Easy visa process (40-60 days)
  • Easy Admission process especially for Indian students
  • Part-time jobs allowed 20 hours per week.
  • Students are allowed to stay for one year after the completion of the study program. Your work permit could be further extended by that employer.
Text Box: Moldova is the only country in the World where completion of study programs in Universities is normally followed by paid internships in top MNCs that ultimately lead to full-time placement.

MBBS in Moldova

The MBBS course programme in Moldova follows the same medical course pattern followed in the US.

  • 1st year- 3rd year pre-clinical years (includes course subjects and theoretical seminars)
  • 3rd year – 6th year clinical rotations
  • Course duration: 6 years
  • There are some universities who also offer5 year courses in Moldova

The tuition fee for MBBS programs in Moldova are quite affordable and range from 3600 Euro -4000 Euro/ per year that is comparatively lower than other European nations. The Average monthly living cost is between 500 Euro-600 Euro.

How to study MBBS in Moldova

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