According to the World Health Organization, Russia occupies the 30th position among the top 100 ranked medical Universities in the WHO directory of World Medical Schools. Students who have graduated from Russian Universities are working in leading medical facilities and hospitals across the world. For a country that is proud of its medical study infrastructure, Russia has been a constant attraction to study MBBS abroad for a number of reasons.

Why study MBBS in Russia

 Perhaps the deciding factor about studying medicine in Russia is the subsidized fees by the Russian Ministry of Health and Education. This combined with the high standards of education is one of the top reasons why thousands of students from India are now opting for medical study in Russia.

Russia is home to 50 medical institutions that are frequented by 5000 medical students every year. Indian students have been studying medicine in Russia for the past 25 years where more than 6000 doctors have returned to India and many are also practicing abroad. In 2018, 3,500 medical students from India gained admission to low cost medical universities in Russia. Besides having WHO registration, all top colleges in Russia are recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India).

Studying in Russia opens up bright career opportunities abroad

Studying in Russia also prepares you for the USMLE entrance exam to practice medicine in the USA.

Bashkir State Medical University, one of the best in Russia for Medicine

If you are contemplating some of the best medical universities in Russia, then take a look at the Bashkir State Medical University in Ufa Russia. The University is under license by the Russian Ministry of Education to impart training to International students and is ranked 10 under state rankings. An MBBS course takes 6 years and costs just 21.6 lakh approximately.

If you want to live and study in Moscow you could try for the I.M Sechenov Moscow State University which is the biggest scientific and clinical complex in Russia. It is recognized by WHO, MCI, UK, USA and several countries worldwide. Moscow may be costlier than other costlier than other cities in Russia, but in general terms, it is affordable than most countries and would be on par with the cost of living in Delhi or Mumbai. IM Sechenov offers 20% of its seats to foreign students.

Advantages of studying in Russia

  • The student to teacher ratio is 7:1 in all Russian Medical Universities.
  • English medium as language of instruction in colleges preferred by Indian students
  • All universities are recognized by WHO & Medical Council of leading countries like U.S.A, U.K, Middle East, Australia, India, Canada etc.
  • Low cost education – The Russian government has subsidized education where a student pays about Rs 2.5 -5 Lakh annually for fees and accommodation.
  • Enough number of seats for all students
  • Internationally recognized degrees accredited by the Medical Council of India and WHO making the students eligible to practice in any country they deem fit.
  • Students are trained in the MCI screening test to be registered to practice in India.
  • While course language is English, students will also be taught Russian to be able to converse with the local patients.
  • During the 4th, 5th and 6th year, the surgeons (students who are studying MBBS course from Russia) in hospitals act as tutors and work with the students teaching in Russian.
  • University professors are familiar with MCI regulations, syllabus and exam pattern. Students are also coached for the MCI screening test and the USMLE preparation the entrance exam to study or practice in the USA.
  • Secure facilities for students with well-furnished hostels.
  • No Entrance exam or Donation.
  • Easy Admission Procedure
  • European Standard of Living
  • Indian Canteen is Available in most of the Universities.
  • Degrees Recognized Worldwide
  • Reference Available of Students working in Leading Hospitals across the World (our pass outs are working not only in India but in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and other major countries across the globe)
  • MBBS students in Russia get Medical Insurance for all courses and medical treatment when needed
  • 100% Visa Guarantee
  • All the universities are Government Universities of Russia

Study MBBS in Russia

The duration of studying an MD degree in most Russian universities is 6 years. Admission to colleges is available for both NEET qualified and NEET unqualified. Although, as a NEET unqualified candidate, you would be better off pursuing a medical career abroad. Studying in Russia provides you with a solid foundation that can groom you towards becoming a successful international doctor.

There are a variety of educational programmes available for international students to study medicine in Russia.

  • Bachelor’s Degree is provided for Nursing only, education duration is 4 years;
  • Students in Stomatology, Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology get Specialist’s Degree, duration is 5-6 years; Medical Residency allows you to get narrow specialization like Gastroenterologists, Orthodontists, Pediatrics, duration is 2-4 years;
  • Postgraduate Course takes 3 years; it enables one to gain more knowledge in a chosen specialty or to get a new specialization in related field.
  • You can also study general medicine, dentistry, surgery, anesthesia or related medical fields available as per college offering.
  • Ophthalmology programme is usually preferred at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Course 2 years. Teaching in medium English and Russian.
  • Dentistry is offered by several universities particularly Kazan Federal University or RUDN University. Course duration 5 years.
  • Medical Biophysics and Medical Biochemistry are also popular choices.
  • At the Novosibirsk State University the Dermatovenereology programme is offered for 2 years.


If you want to study in Russia, you need to rise up to the challenge and be prepared to have a whole new life abroad. There are bright prospects awaiting you after an international degree but never rush blindly into anything.  There are a number of Russian universities and one needs to select a college carefully according to the budget, and field of study. The best possible way is to get in touch with credible educational consultants like MBBSsolution whose track record is impeccable in having assisted several students to study MBBBS abroad. We provide you with crucial guidance to select the perfect University for you in tune with your budget. We will also provide you with complete assistance in the admission process and all matters that facilitate a smooth transition to the college of your choice.

When to Apply To Study Medicine in Russia

Most Russian Universities start their sessions from October 1st and the deadline is usually the first two weeks of September. Thus you will have to start planning your college selection process from June to be guaranteed of a placement in a reputed medical college in Russia. Click here for admission guidance to study MBBS in Russia


Do not waste your time if you want to study MBBS in Russia. There are limited seats and several aspirants who realize the value of an international degree. Let MBBSsolution pave the way for your bright future simply by showing you how easy we can make the entire process of studying medicine in Russia. The process is easy. Just get in touch with our representatives who will schedule a complete orientation programme including career and study guidance. Admission guidance and counselling. Get in touch with MBBSsolution now

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