MBBSsolution was established with the vision of creating awareness that no young medical aspirant should be deprived of a lucrative medical career. Today medical education in India is a huge industry. It caters to 15 lakh aspirants trying to qualify for 65,000 seats in India. This means there are very few seats to meet the demand of the thousands of aspiring doctors in India. Slowly but surely, medical studies abroad are gaining an accepted foothold and recognition as a much more opportunistic and lucrative career.

There Are Endless Possibilities for a Medical Career Abroad

Every year there is a rush for medical seats in India. In order to look beyond the Indian horizon of medical opportunities, students are now looking at the possibilities of MBBS abroad where almost 100,000 aspirants apply to medical universities in 12 different countries. How will they get help? How will they get financial assistance? Many are discouraged because of a lack of awareness on how to pursue a lucrative career in the medical profession abroad. We at MBBSsolution believe that financial constraints and geographical boundaries should not be obstacles for a student desiring to gain admission to the best Universities and institutions compatible with their needs and abilities.

We empower students to study abroad and become global competitors in the medical profession

We educate and create awareness among students about lucrative medical careers elsewhere. We believe we can help them acquire quality education in top universities equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. This will provide students the standards of quality education to make them globally competitive in the evolving medical profession and industry. Why settle for a mediocre medical post in India when you can be an NRI doctor and practice in a foreign country like Dubai or Russia.

We help you soar to a brighter future

MBBSsolutuion core activities lie in providing students with unbiased career counseling so that they can opt for the right medical colleges without being enticed by various marketing and branding gimmicks. Moreover, we consider it an important part of our mission to help several hundreds of students who have not qualified for NEET or who have been unable to secure medical seats in India. Our message to these students is DON’T LOSE HOPE AND DON’T GIVE UP.

Our main objectives

  • To provide total assistance for studying MBBS abroad
  • To break the myths of falsely perceived obstacles in pursuing a medical career abroad
  • To smoothen the entire process of studying abroad from scholarship to entry
  • To cater to all solutions for ensuring brighter career options for studying MBBS abroad
  • To provide a comprehensive counselling process that will steer a student on the correct path
  • To enlighten students on the cost effectiveness of studying medicine abroad
  • To make careers possible where none were perceived
  • To cater to both NEET qualified and unqualified students with equal opportunities

Let us help you on a brighter journey and a lifetime experience

MBBSsolution is here to help you bypass all of these hurdles and set you on a journey of being a doctor abroad. Why do you need to look at India when there are so many opportunities for you to make more money and gain an even better reputation as a doctor in a foreign country? The sky is the limit for a medical professional abroad and we can give you your wings to achieve that goal.

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